Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recovery Day 2

Preston is making strides that none of us expected. After a bad night....a total of 1 hr of sleep for both of us last night (pain was thru the roof, had to poop but couldn't, ng tube was killing his nose, oxygen was causing his nose to run 24/7, iv got pulled out from him fighting us to try and name it, it happened) I am happy to report, he is extubated, out of ICU, eating on his own (pancakes, grilled cheese, yogurt, choc milk, and pizza were all consumed today....seriously awesome!!!) his NG tube got pulled today and is off oxygen. I have my witty little boy back tonight especially after freeing up his nose! Boy was he happy to have his nostrils naked! We are on the Complex Airway floor and settled in our room for the next 5 days till his next scope on Monday.  Nothing was better than having Emily as his nurse today to welcome him back to the floor b/c she was his very 1st nurse when we started this journey here years ago. She loved seeing what a big boy he has become and he was cracking her up. I loved catching up with her! Jeremy is his RT for tonight who was also P's very 1st RT and he immediately knew P and was so glad to see how well he is doing. It feels like home. Everything feels right finally since we arrived. 

Preston is already sound asleep after face timing daddy and aunt kim tonight so I am throwing on my sweats to crawl under the covers and hopefully get some rest. I didn't want the day to pass without updating all of this wonderful news. To everyone who prayed for poop today per my request, lets just say, the eagle has landed. LOL No more prayers needed in that dept ;)

Lastly, I could seriously not do this without my dad with me. His support is what is sustaining me. Preston is loving special time with Grandpa. My other lovie is being spoiled all around. His teacher texts me pictures and videos and I am so grateful b/c I miss him terribly. Nothing starts my day off better than my morning call from Reidy saying "HI MOMMY! I miss you and i love you and i am having a great morning. How is Preston?" That boy never lets a conversation go by without asking about his brother. Can't ask for more than that! 

Im amazed at this progression in just 3 days. Sedated on a vent to no breathing tube, ng tube or oxygen. 

My dad sitting with P after taken up to ICU

Grandpa rigged his fav show once he started to wake up 

tucked in for tonight- praying for a much better night 

Ms Jane texted me this pic yesterday for V-day 

Favorite brown bread at Cheesecake Factory for a daddy/son V-day date. 

Happy Valentines Day to my other little lovie! I plan to celebrate BIG next year with all 4 of us! :)

My boys out for V-day together! 

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