Saturday, February 18, 2017

Recovery Day 5- conflicted, day pass adventures and 2 videos

I have to start out by saying how conflicted I feel about posting our super fun filled day. There are SO many kiddos here that won't ever get the day Preston had today. I see these kiddos in their rooms and I see so many being pushed up and down the halls with masks and they are truly fighting for their lives. Not to mention several that are on my prayer list that I can't stop thinking about (one being a special kiddo from KS who happens to be here in Cincy in the ICU and I just want to wrap that mama and her little guy up in my arms and give them all I have b/c I can't imagine their pain). I know everyone has a journey and I've been told not to compare (and I am not at all- just truly empathising). I feel especially fortunate after the day we experienced and then it was a wake up call when we returned back to the hospital the reality of everyone's struggles. Life isn't fair and none of these kiddos are families deserve to go thru any of this. Ive had a few 'lump in my throat' moments that i haven't shared on the blog. Makes me pray harder and more intentionally! That's all. I didn't take one second today for granted. 

All of these pics capture our day from Preston receiving a day pass out of the hospital with Dr Rutters approval. It was a nice break from reality. His rash on his face was horrible this morning so after a real bath in Grandpa's room at RMH we headed to CVS and got an ointment that is already working! Tomorrow we get another day pass! Whoooo hoo! We plan to head to the zoo or Children's Museum depending on what P feels like doing and what the weather is going to be like. We scored free tickets to both places thanks to guest services at Cincy Children's and RMH. So thankful! 

I want to give a shout out to my hubby! He is holding down the fort at home with Reid beautifully and wishes he could be here so very much! I know he is glad to be home for Reid but killing him not to be here too! His constant texts of encouragement and affirmation sustain me more than he knows! 

Breaking free 

Back with his old friend Ronny! We spent a ton of time at RMH today and Preston couldn't have been more excited. He acts like he owns the place!  
Some of the gifts Preston helped me shop for to donate to the toy room.  We brought several bags full so THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!! You are making a difference for sure! 

Preston filled every mail box he could reach with a Valentine gift from the donations at Xmas time! 

He was so excited! 

Very serious about this job. Not easily distracted to look at me :)

Teaching Grandpa the computer 

ALL DONE with his gifting! 

Big brunch! Bring on the calories! We have him eating every 2 hrs. I wish that was my diet! 

Game room arcades 

Killing it at Pac man

The weather was gorgeous and he was tuckered out by 1pm so i got to take him for a long walk. He passed out. 

Bath time before heading back to the hospital. 

Grandpa brought Graeters for an ice cream party and more cookies from yesterday were devoured. 

Playing in his bed with more activities and games gifted from friends and teachers before we left. 


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