Monday, February 20, 2017

Results are in from scope! 1 specific prayer request

I will cut to the chase. Dr Rutter said P's airway looks incredible and 100% perfect! I am still wrapping my brain around this. I was overwhelmed and relieved at the same time as I thanked Dr Rutter for healing and fixing our son. More great news- We are being discharged TODAY from Complex Airway (i was told we would be inpatient 2 weeks- what a gift!). We are moving over to RMH with my dad this afternoon for the next week till P's 2nd follow up scope next Monday. We need a specific prayer for all of us especially Preston to stay HEALTHY so nothing compromises the graft in his airway. We have experienced illness with P after his 1st airway surgery as a baby and his graft being eaten by the virus. Not good. I wish i didn't have this floating in the back of my mind but I wouldn't be asking for such prayers for health if i didn't know the risks. I would be grateful for all prayers for health! Not sure when we get to come home yet but I am hopeful we won't be here 4-6 weeks like we were told (nurses said to pack for 12 weeks to play it safe but that is ruled out!). 

Until next Monday's scope, we will stay put and make the most of our time here this week. Today is a testiment to God's faithfulness even when we thought this journey was over a few years ago. His timing is far greater than ours. Doesn't make it easy but worth it with news we received today! More importantly, Tim and I feel the lessens learned by the continuation of his journey (and i am believing this to be the END!) have shaped all of us into better human beings with an even stronger faith! What a beautiful day! I will post adventures from this week. Here is a pic of Preston this morning waiting for transport while watching a show. He was so patient and brave. Thank you friends for being by our side and celebrating such relieving news! 

Until next Monday's results.....

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