Monday, February 13, 2017

We arrived and he is in surgery!

We arrived in the best time we've ever made. Gorgeous driving weather. The company of my dad is priceless. P got to watch movies and instantly recognized the bridge as soon as we got to Cincy. Checked in to our hotel about 15 min. from the hospital (unfortunately the family we planned to stay with has the flu so plan B is the Hampton Inn in Covington, KY where we have stayed before). Called the RMHouse when we arrived to double check we are on the wait list and there is a current wait of 11 days to get into a 'long stay' room. Hoping that lessens b/c it changes daily! I will continue to check back in. We had a nice dinner last night at the famous LaRosas pizza shop and of course famous GRAETERS ice cream for a treat! Thank you Brian and Mary for the gift card! Preston got 3 huge scoops and was in HEAVEN! Face timed with brother, Grandma, and daddy and Preston was all settled in for a good night sleep with his iPad movie.

My mom is keeping Reid overnight on the days she takes him to school. He was teary last night but he was exhausted after a full day of church and playing outside with Tim. He was in great spirits this morning when i talked to him and all cuddled up with my mom on the couch. He is SO excited to go back to school today and i can't even tell you how full my heart is knowing he gets to see his friends and be back to a more familiar routine.

We were supposed to check in at 9:15am to same day surgery this morning and instead i got a call at 7am that both of the cases before P were cancelled so they wanted to get him started asap if we could head over. I was thrilled. Not as long for Preston to go without food and we have sat in pre-op for hours with delays so this was awesome news. Preston was so chill this morning. I have been nervous about him being 5 years old now and aware of so much more. Recovery could be a different story but no tears this morning from him was such a relief! Talked to Dr Rutter and all of my questions were answered. Got him all settled in the O.R. with gas and was able to hold him while he went to sleep and he was a champ!

I am settled in the waiting room for the day......slotted time is 5 hours for P's surgery. I can't thank everyone enough for their support. Its humbling to be on the receiving end yet again.

A few specific prayer requests for anyone who has the chance to say some would be:
*Dr Rutter is able to fix his upper airway for GOOD (i learned this morning he has a year of no complications after this surgery to help ensure this won't happen again....chances are 1 in 20 now for this to be a reaccurance and i am choosing to believe this is the ULTIMATE FIX).
*No needed trache during this surgery (that is a possibility)
*Minimal pain and healing (he will have a drain tube on his side from where the rib cartilage is taken, a drain tube in his neck, an NG tube in his nose to his stomach, and an intubation tube).

Here are some pics from our adventure yesterday and this morning:

Marshall (thank you Cassie) made the cut for 'friends' to bring and he HAD to have his Cars blanket from the Hisles (who mailed it to use the last time we were here for his 1st airway surgery). 

Thanks Lauren and Lucca for the treats and comfy shirt to wear for our road trip

So fun opening cards and pics from all his friends at school that Ms Abby collected for him!

As you can see, we all had to try many favorite flavors and couldn't finish 1/2 of this! LOL 

Cuddled up in the corner on a mattress we brought watching a movie

NEW sign on the hospital 

His famous THUMBS UP for a great day and success surgery 

My dad has been such a huge support for us!

I will update once he is out and settled into ICU! Thanks friends! We love you all and appreciate you more than you will ever know!!!! Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! XOXO

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