Sunday, February 19, 2017

Recovery Day 6- Night before scope

I am so sorry for those of you who have asked me for our address at RMH. I keep meaning to post and forget. Very kind of so many to ask. We are here for the next week and taking it one week at a time. Preston keeps telling me how everyone has 'stuff' in their mailbox (even if its just the meal menu for the week at the house LOL) but ours is empty. LOL Well, we did just get here and he doesn't 'get it.' If anyone wants to just send a piece of paper that says HI Preston he would be thrilled LOL :) Something in our mail cubby would make his day. I am going to stick something in it tomorrow for him if he gets another 'day pass' this week. 
Ronald McDonald House 
Preston Walker Room #39 
350 Erkenbrecher Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45229 

Soaked up lots of time with P and my dad on our outing today. Day pass #2 was awesome! Still can't believe he had surgery 6 days ago and they let him leave from 9am till 6pm b/c of his resilience. Hit the zoo, game room and play room at RMH, nap, lunch and dinner at RMH before returning back to his hospital room. It was awesome! I am loving that we get to walk everywhere and P knows his limits when its time to hop in the stroller. We never need to drive anywhere. My dad and I have had so many laughs especially today and I love that we can give each other a hard time and joke around. Preston thinks its hilarious! 

Results from P's scope tomorrow morning will be in 1st thing once Dr Rutter chats with me after scoping him. He is set for 8am O.R. time. They will come get us around 6:30am to wheel him to pre op. I am hopeful for wonderful news! I will post as soon as I hear! Anxious to hear how much longer they want him inpatient and how much longer they want us to stay local till its 'safe' to go home. He has several weekly scopes scheduled. Please pray his airway is healing beautifully and looks great! Everything externally looks good (scars i mean) and his bounce back ability tells us nothing about how his airway looks so I am trusting its better than ever! 

Finished an awesome book tonight! MUST READ! Wanted to share! Picture is below.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and I will be eager to post the results! Thank you again for ALL that you are doing to support us friends!!! Keep enjoying that gorgeous weather i see on fb posts! SO AWESOME!!!! Tell the sun to come our way:)

I have a pic of him on this turtle at 18 months old from our last big stay here and can't wait to compare them. 

A boy and his Grandpa

Brother wanted us to know its cool being in shorts and a short sleeve shirt in Feb! Glad he is having a great weekend!

Nap time at RMH

These 2 are like soul mates. Flipped thru the entire sail magazine together talking about plans to sail this summer on Grandpa's boat. Pretty cute! I fell asleep on the other bed.....sail magazines are snooze fest for this girl. :)

This book rocked my socks off and i can safely say I now feel like a Badass HAHAHAHA In all seriousness, it is a fantastic read!

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