Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tomorrow we head back to the O.R.

Happy Sunday everyone! Tomorrow we head back to Children's for Preston to go back to the O.R. for another follow up scope. We have to arrive by 1pm and his time is set for 2:23pm. I will post as soon as we get results! I am believing this will be the best scope of his life and his healing is 100%! :) 

We are asking for a few specific prayers:
*His time doesn't get pushed back tomorrow (its a long morning of no food or drink). 
*Dr Rutter has no issues scoping him and his airway and graft are continuing to heal and looks great
*We get news to come home sooner than we originally planned 
*Tim and Reid's week gets off to a great start....specifically no tears for Reid in the morning.
THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! I will post tomorrow as soon as we get results from the scope. 

This week has flown by and stood still at the same time. We have kept busy. We have been fortunate to receive more free zoo passes, free childrens museum tickets and the weather was nice enough to allow us to explore 2 nice shopping areas to help the days pass. Facetimed friends and family a bunch!  We had rain and light snow/ice drizzle the past 2 days so we made sure to have legos to build while trapped inside. Here are some pics to recap this week: 

Reid had a great #fridayfunday at the Williams. 

Got to have his BFF Zayne from school over for a daddy/son play date and lunch. 

Rebecca and Preston
P reconnected with a friend here! P's pediatrician Dr Lewis back home also see's this sweet girl, Rebecca, and she happens to come to Cincy Childrens for care too. We ran into them at dinner at the RMH one evening. We met her and her mom at the Childrens Miracle Network radiathon a few months ago in KC. What are the chances we would run into them? She received good news that day at the hospital so my dad went to Graeters and picked up her fav flavor ice cream for a celebratory ice cream party. She was ecstatic! Preston was SO excited she asked to sit next to him at dinner. Precious! *side note: someone is eating more than ever before (i believe its because he can finally breath better than ever) and look at his little tummy! This is HUGE with years of trying to get weight on him!)

Thank you Santees for helping our room look so bright and cheerful!  

This is 1/4 of the mail Mr P has received. THANK YOU everyone for making him feel loved and thought of! The best were handwritten cards and notes from his little friends. So precious!!!

Therapy dog visits were a big hit!

Suicide cereal. Gross! He ate the whole bowl with whole milk. 

Another morning with a full bowl of cereal he gobbled up.  

My dad LOVED the brunch Saturday morning and is he just the cutest or what? Thankful for this man and the memories we are creating on this journey together! 

Off to the children museum

Spending time with new friends we had never met before!
(Our awesome neighbors, Tim and Chelsea, reached out to Tim's cousin, Chris and his precious wife Mischa, who live here and told them about us and they generously reached out to us and even payed us a visit and showered us with gift cards and gifts for Preston). Makes me emotional writing this b/c when you are miles from home and complete strangers go out of their way to bless you, its really humbling. I am not sure how we deserve all of this support but God is watching over us with special friends who are lifting our spirits and we are SO appreciative! I could write a whole post on my new friend Priscilla (so mad i didn't get a picture with her when we met). Another shining example of people reaching out and being selfless to bless us. Did i say i am grateful? :)

Preston watching the rain fall from the kitchen

Grandpa bought P a lego set at the mall to build while the weather is yucky (its a sail boat which is fitting!) 

My BFF from middle school sent P a gift card for a special toy. He chose this lego set and its been a hit. 

Building the lego sets 
          Cant wait to share tomorrow's results from P's scope!!!
          Your prayers mean so much to us!!!! XOXO Lorna

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