Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Surgery was a SUCCESS! Day 1 Recovery

Happy Valentine's Day! Surgery was a success yesterday! Dr Rutter was very pleased with how everything looked once he was done working on P. We will see Dr Rutter next Monday for his next scope. 
Preston was opening his eyes off and on last night and would nod his head yes or no when i asked him questions and then fall back asleep. He was trying to talk to me so badly but of course couldn't get words out due to the breathing tube. Broke my heart b/c i felt so helpless as to what he was trying to say. He won't remember any of that thank goodness. I played him videos of Reid and showed him pictures and then he would fall back asleep again. He has not been that alert ever since. He has been sleeping ever since. I am ready for a smile and to hear him talk and be awake. He had a very comfortable night which is great and is NPO for now (no feeds yet via NG tube). 

The plan is to slowly wean off sedation meds and take the breathing tube out to have him breathe independently and we can move from ICU to a Complex Airway room once he is stable. We will recover in Complex Airway and he goes back to the O.R. for a follow up scope next Monday for Dr R to check everything out and give us the next step for recovery.  

To say I feel supported and loved is an understatement. My Facebook feed comments were the best spirit lifters yesterday I could have had. My phone has never died by 11am and what a wonderful problem to have yesterday. I appreciate each of you praying so much for us. I will send another update tonight or tomorrow! Prayers for successful extubation would be wonderful! 

I have been asked by many for an address and wanted to share our 'place of address' that we are using while we are here (we may be moving multiple times from a hotel to RMH...just not sure yet). Preston's big thing at home is helping me get the mail so I know Preston would love having some mail to open while we are here if anyone wants to send something. 

Lorna Walker
C/OPriscilla Peters 
6609 Apache Circle
Cincinnati, OH 45243 

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