Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recovery Day 3

How is tomorrow Friday? Hope everyone is having a great week! Tim is off work tomorrow and Monday and I wish we could be home doing something fun. I hope everyone who has this long weekend off gets to enjoy the nice weather i am hearing about. Its pretty chilly here. I was fortunate enough to get out for an hour long walk and I was all bundled up. Felt amazing regardless of the nip in the air! 

Things here are coming along beautifully. Drain tubes from chest and neck are out. Fluids got pulled. He is a free man from his annoying cords he hates. He got a full sponge bath and hair washing and I removed all sticky marks on him. I told him maybe he will land a girlfriend here now that he is all cleaned up and smells good. He said "Mom! I do NOT want a gurlfend!" LOL 
Mr P knows he is king of the castle on Complex Airway with his nurses. He gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it and luckily has the manners to back up his requests. I am grateful for the care we are receiving but even more for the LOVING care. They pour their hearts over the line for P and always make sure I have what I need to. Unfortunately, the 2 tearful requests that came frequently today from Preston are not possible to give him YET. I can't wait to tell him when we get to go HOME (request #1) and he will get to be with his brother (request #2). He seems to ask for these when he is tired and the novelty of movies wears off. We are able to FaceTime and call and talk to Reid and Tim and that helps but then he realizes he is missing out. We might lessen those tomorrow and see if that helps. It hasn't seemed to bother him until today. I think that also indicates how much better he is feeling and is so much more aware of everything. I prepared myself for this in advance knowing he is older but didn't prepare my heart for his tearful pleads. 

Our day was consumed by movies and lots of snuggles. We pulled out legos from his buddy Lucca and he was all excited and lasted about 3 min. He doesn't have the energy for toys, games, or activities yet. Soon!! Appetite is still great. Getting out of bed is a pretty tiring thing for him. He can walk to the bathroom (a few steps away) if i am holding both his hands and thats about it. His legs are still weak and wobbly. He is complaining of back/rib pain (most back) so we put him on my 'bed' for a movie and ended up napping there and i think it helped a lot. Its much firmer and also a change in scenery and a chance to really stretch! 

Tomorrow hopefully brings more strength and energy to play. I am eager for Monday's scope to hear how things are healing. Tim has mentioned every time we talk how much stronger his voice sounds. I thought his voice has changed a little bit but i think its just the strength of his airway that makes him sound different. The more room he has to breathe makes such a difference. Its really noticeable! I pray his stamina will be increased when we get home to play and run outdoors and do activities at school without being long winded and always saying how tired he is feeling. 

I am ending my post tonight with a little story from today. I'm sharing this so i never forget it and can share with them later (and i plan to print this blog as a book so i want things like this to be included). Reid was with my mom all day today b/c he didn't have preschool. She told me last night she planned to take him to Scheels and surprise him by eating their for lunch today. We called my mom and Reid this morning and asked what they were doing today. She briefly mentioned Scheels and a bunch of other things but that was all. Preston piped up and said "Grandma, did you know they have a cafe there and you can go there for lunch?" My mom said, "Yes! I did" and that was all she said b/c she planned to surprise Reid by eating there and didn't want to ruin the surprise. Well my mom called me around lunch time and when I answered she said, "Lorna, Reid and I are eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A (i was instantly confused) and Reid has something he wants to tell you. So Reid got on the phone and said "Mommy, I didn't want to go to Scheels for lunch b/c I don't want Preston to be left out!" I instantly teared up. I love to hear he is thinking of Preston's feelings and so sensitive to this. At the same time, I hate that he feels he cannot enjoy something b/c Preston doesn't get to have it too. As a mom, my heart breaks for what Preston has endured. I hate that I feel Reid has been cheated at times. Its only normal to feel this way Ive been told. I don't dwell on it but i do allow myself permission to have those feelings. It is hard seeing both of the boys affected in different ways by these circumstances. What I have realized today is their hearts are being formed by these situations. If it means that Reid is going to be tendered hearted, thinking about how his brother is going to feel by missing out and it means he would choose something else, I have found even more peace in this situation. I do believe God is working on their hearts in different ways through this and it makes it worth it in the end if they come out better human beings with softer hearts for each other. A trip to Scheels for lunch together when we return is top on our list! :) 

day started off with getting out of bed and watching movies on my lap instead 

nothing can top an hour of fresh air and a brisk walk 

tried to play with this awesome lego set from his buddy Lucca and got pooped. will try again tomorrow! 

watching a movie on moms bed

he is OUT

This picture represents so much to me. His lunch at Chick Fil A instead of Scheels 

Bathed, clothed (he was preferring to be naked for too many days LOL) and digging his cheeseburger and fries.


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