Friday, February 17, 2017

Recovery Day 4

Busiest 24 hrs yet! 
My dad and I went over at 9pm last night once P fell asleep to check in to our room at RMH and get our parking pass. I still can’t believe we got the call this soon for an open room. My dad is staying there (its literally across the street from the hospital) and I am still with Preston in his room until he is discharged. Then I can transition both of us to the RMH with my dad. We got put on the waiting list Sunday for a long stay room. They recommend you call daily to check on the wait. Sunday they told me it was an 11 day wait. I forgot to call Monday b/c of P’s surgery. Tuesday it was a 6 day wait. Wednesday it was a 7 day wait. Then yesterday morning I called and they told me 8 days. I was so confused why it kept going up and not down. I started praying for the days to shorten. It was on my mind ALL day and I just kept saying little prayers. Totally forgot about it by around 6pm when P was eating dinner. Then I see my phone ring with a Cincy # at 8:30pm and I had no idea who it could be. When I answered I was shocked to hear it was a gal at the Ronald McDonald House b/c I had their # saved in my phone and forgot they have multiple lines they use. Everytime my phone rang, I was so hopeful it would say ‘RMH Cincy’ When she said they have a room and we could check in that night, I got chills. There is no explanation other than God provides! 

I am happy to report P slept from 9pm till 8am and hasn’t been in bed all day except for a solid 2 hr nap. Never turned on the tv. Finally playing with all his fun toys. A big WIN! He is walking on his own and gets to have a day pass tomorrow for 4-6 hrs out of the hospital. We plan to head over to RMH to play and possibly the zoo. He can’t wait. My dad and I are thrilled to get him out of his hospital room for an extended period of time!! We will get to deliver all of the gifts that were purchased from the drive I did at Christmas time. Plus a huge bag of toys and movies etc. THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!!  His neck and chest scars are healing well. We are battling a rash on his face and back and hope to get that cleared up. Our focus is taking in more liquids and calories. We are on the home stretch to healing and now we need good news on Monday from Dr Rutter once he scopes P’s airway (set for 8am in the O.R.) and tells us how its healing. I will take any prayers for great news on that matter! 

I was able to do several loads of laundry in the laundry room on this floor. I have a new appreciation for my washer and dryer at home. It took almost 3 1/2 hours to do 2 loads b/c the machines are not the best but i am thankful for clean clothes. So nice to have that service here! RMH has laundry rooms but since I am at the hospital full time with P, this is much more convenient. I was able to get a run in today and a long hot shower thanks to my dad keeping P entertained and playing with him! I feel so fortunate all is going well and I hope everyone enjoys the warm and sunny weather back home this weekend! Thank you again for all of your support! TGIF!!! PS- I could write an entire blog post on gifts we received prior to leaving and gifts that continue to come. I can't even wrap my brain around it all if I'm being honest. I don't know what to say b/c thank you seems so minimal. The meals that Tim is being showered with nightly and the love that surrounds us by constant texts etc checking on us mean SO very much. Nothing has gone unnoticed thats for sure! 

Started the day with P saying "Good Morning Cincinnati!" 

These 2 face timed for a long time over breakfast this morning and it was awesome to hear them be their silly selves with each other. We had ZERO pleads to go home today! Hallelujah! 

Out cold

2+ hour nap

Thank you Jureks for lighting up his day! 

Perfect way to boost his caloric intake

He was ALL about Grandpa this afternoon while i did laundry. 

Showing my dad and his nurses the 'Ms Abby yoga pose' with his Ninjas. 

Night time snuggles 

His neck is healing great- started ointment for the itching. 

They were able to use the same scar to access his rib for the cartilage used in his airway. Still amazes me how they can do this. 

Reid at the park with Daddy on their day off

Took a visit to Daddy's high school to visit a dear family friend  and show Reid dad's school. Go Bulldogs! 

Have a blast with all of daddy's childhood lego sets 
Have an AWESOME weekend friends!!!!!! XOXOLorna

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