Thursday, July 11, 2013

1st video of P- THANK YOU!!!!

I am happy to report the 1st unclotting meds worked last night in the E.R.! Yay! We have a handle on the PICC line by now! Due to the dosing times of P's antibiotics, our mornings are much earlier than usual and evenings are much later than usual. So we are a bit more tired and the days are going to be longer but we will manage. Only 10 more days of these meds and then they are DONE! :) Today has been awesome! The weather is gorgeous (cool in the late afternoon even) and we enjoyed our first full day of freedom with zero dr appt's or plans of any kind. We went for an hour and 1/2 walk, received heart felt mail from friends, administered meds with zero complications, went to the store for a few necessities and got a much needed Starbucks fix (thanks Kreinbrings). I also spend an hour tonight in the cafeteria after dinner visiting with 2 other mom's I have gotten to know. Really filled my cup up! This is truly a special place to be during a stressful time. Everyone 'gets it' and there is no need to explain anything. One thing I know for sure is my boys will grow up volunteering and knowing the Ronald McDonald House VERY well. It has been a true saving grace for our whole family during this time! Tomorrow we get spoiled by visit #2 from Jessica and her family. Preston is feeling 100x better than her last visit so it will be a lot of fun having her here! I wanted to end tonight with a video of P I took today. I know Tim and I can say THANK YOU a million times for all the amazing support from YOU but we wanted Mr. P himself to say THANK YOU! In the end, this is all for him anyway and I know he would want to be the one to say it if he was old enough to truly understand! :) Enjoy! 
**And of course the video won't download :( ** Stay tuned for the video asap!!! 

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