Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th and Happy DISCHARGE!!!!!

The last 48 hours have been INSANE. Not a moment to breathe. I haven't been on my computer or cell phone at all to check email, texts or facebook. Having my parents here has been more than wonderful. I don't want them to leave. :( They are here till Saturday thank goodness. They came at the perfect time as we are being discharged today!!! We also will be moving in to RMH soon! YIPEE! What a great day! To say we are overwhelmed is an understatement. A few things that have been unexpected will make for our transition from hospital to RMH a little more complicated. Preston is not eating much at all. A few bites of yogurt here and there and that is all. :( He is staying on bolus feeds till the stint is removed in 19 days (i am not counting or anything). He is also going back on humidified air at night with a trach shield.....haven't done that in over a year. Apria came and brought us his feeding pump and machine for humidified air. We should be getting his pediasure and more feed bags today. None of this is what we expected but we are just glad he is doing GREAT and back to his smiley and silly self. My parents are helping us move, set up his supplies, and transition to this 'new normal' as best as possible. Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for Preston (and for us). Again, it just so happens that Preston's day nurse, Jessica, has family close by and she vacations here every summer so she will be here tomorrow morning for a visit. I can't even believe we get to see her. She misses Preston SO MUCH and I know he is going to be SO EXCITED to see her too! I can't wait to see her.....I miss her tons! We have LOTS to catch up on! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday today! It is raining here and expected to rain all afternoon and evening so i am not sure we will catch any fireworks. I am sure Reid is having a wonderful day with Grandma and Grandpa Walker! More to come once we are settled! Here are some funny pictures of Preston.......he is SO ready to bust out of here!!!!
Snoozing and snuggling with Grandma

Get me out of here!!!!!!!!

I taught him to say 'CHEEEEEESE'

Reading books before bedtime last night

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