Saturday, July 6, 2013

A taste of freedom

We were out of the hospital long enough to get a taste of freedom but unfortunately we are back in the hospital. P was readmitted to the Complex Airway floor yesterday afternoon. After the worst night we have ever had with Preston on the 4th of July, we woke up and noticed some blood staining on P's dressing under his trache so we decided to call ent and they asked us to come in to clinic so they could take a look at him. It was at that moment i was SO GLAD we decided to stay right here for the summer. There is no greater piece of mind than being a walk away (literally) from RMH to CCH. Plus we have appt's with nutrition to weigh him and evaluate his feeds. He has been super fussy and very lethargic. We knew something wasn't right. They decided to admit him right away. His stoma sight looks worse and is the size of a quarter and its pooling with secretions. They swabbed him for a culture due to possible infection. :( The wound team is now rounding on him as well and he has a new dressing which will kill bacteria and help his skin heal.  Our favorite fellow is overseeing him and glad he is back here. Jessica and her family were here for lunch yesterday and it was wonderful having pizza and catching up. They brought us some goodies and my favorite scented hand sanitizer from B&BWorks. Sad that I get SO EXCITED over hand sanitizer! LOL Then Jess actually headed to clinic with me so she could see his stoma and what we were dealing with. What perfect timing!!! As we were walking to CCH for the appt, it felt just like we were at home headed to the dr but just in a different city. I find so much comfort in her presence because she is apart of our day to day life and knows EVERYTHING about P. Tim had fun staying at RMH with her kids, mom, and my folks and playing in the HUGE game room! All the fun was over once we headed to admissions but I have learned to never take the fun times for granted. Especially now that I am sitting with my mom in a dark hospital room with my sleeping little man who just received PICC line #2 this morning. I can live the rest of my life never going thru that again with him but I am so glad he has it in and we don't have to mess with IV's. Laundry is going (fun fun) and my dad took Tim for a Starbucks run. Just another day in paradise! :) Reid is having a great weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Walker which makes me feel so good!  They go above and beyond to make sure his is happy, fed, loved, and burning off all his energy! I am so blessed to have them! Reid gets to spend Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with my sister and his cousins and favorite doggie Maggie and then Wednesday will be spent with his Godmother, Mama Tolle, so he is in for a VERY FUN week! :) Sadly, my folks leave today and it will be hard to say good-bye. They have been here for the most hectic week and I just love their support, empathy, and positivity! We have also had some great laughs which we need! :) Here's to a successful weekend of recovery at CCH for P and a huge shout out to my FAVORITE NEPHEW Will! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY on Monday buddy! Aunt Lou Lou loves you SO MUCH and I would give anything to be there for your celebration and give you a big hug and kiss! I miss you!!!!

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