Saturday, July 20, 2013

4 weeks and counting

If it weren't for how sweet Preston is, I would be pulling my hair out right about now. He is the ultimate snuggle bug as you can see and his smile lights up our days! HOPE HE STARTS TO FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!

We are 2 days shy of being here 4 weeks! Stint removal is in 4 days and PICC line will be removed at the same time. No more PICC meds will be wonderful! They rule our lives. Bad news is Preston has a fever :( I am a nervous wreck about him being healthy to get the stint removed. He slept 3 hours today for his nap and I knew something was up when we woke up. His nose is running and he is just not himself. He is already in bed out cold for the night. We are really hoping once the stint is removed, his secretions will become less but for now we are focused on getting him healthy. We had a rough night last night with lots of suctioning. Prayers for good sleep for all 3 of us would be appreciated and for FAST healing for P please! We are on the home stretch and would like for everything to go smoothly to get us home and get Preston where he needs to be! Once again, thank you for so much support and love! The mail is a flowing :) :) Aside from this minor hiccup in our plans, we are laying low and enjoying time with family! Here are pictures of what we have been up to! Having lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa Walker!

This is at the entrance of our wing. This didn't ring true for us until this week. We have met some incredible people!

Just a lazy afternoon playing peek a boo with train tracks

I think we need to get a train track set as a birthday gift for someone

P found a friend! 

Family pic at the Cincinnati Zoo

I felt everyone needed to be aware of this. Apparently the Cincinnati Zoo thinks so  too as this is hanging on the wall in the restroom where you dry your hands. Great info to know! LOL

We saw this at Hallmark and it's the cutest thing ever! We could insert P's head on Linus's body. His blankee is now a necessity everywhere we go! We even now have to sneak in washing it. We call Preston 'Linus' and he just laughs! 
Someone things they are VERY funny! The zoo was a great time! 
Another random fact that everyone must know! With having 2 boys, we discuss poop 24/7  so it caught my attention when the first word was poop! 

Chillin at the farmers market with new chubby cheeks.......someone has really chunked out with these Pediasure feedings.  

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