Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting back in the saddle

Well, we are out of the hospital cell and into the compound. P had a great day and he is getting back to routine. We are currently working on eating. It is hard to believe we are back to this, but he has been choking on food since the surgery. He at some puréed pancake this morning before discharge. This afternoon he ate a whole jar of apples and blueberries. I had to thicken them with rice cereal in order for him not to aspirate. Hard to believe a kid who once ate everything we did is back to baby food, but he WILL get there. For dinner, he ate sweet potatoes mixed with ham and gravy, don't be jealous! He is back to playing and my goal is to wear him down! It was accomplished. 

In typical P fashion he made some fast friends with the people back at RMH. He was all smiles at dinner, entertaining a group young adults playing the piano. Tomorrow, I go get the momma at the airport in Indy. I am sure she will just as happy to see me and P as we are to see her. 

Fresh out, wanted to help pick up
Us in the play room.

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