Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roller Coaster

We are all sitting in the E.R. waiting for Preston's clotted PICC line to un clot. I wish I was joking! And we just found out that it is a 2 hour wait to see if the medicine they flushed his line with worked. If not, another dose is given and another 2 hour wait it is. We are telling ourselves that this first dose of meds WILL work! I wish I had taken a pic of Tim's face when she told us that. We are starving and need showers. Preston has had NO nap. Our room back at RMH is a total disaster. What a day this has been. And we are homesick. We miss our families and Reid terribly! No Zoo for us today :(.......we plan to go on Monday. Today was spent setting up our room with all his meds (the box that was delivered was HUGE) so we spent lunch time making up 35 packets in ziploc baggies for each of his 35 doses while we are here. The home health nurse came out to help us give his first dose of antibiotics (it is a process and my ADD does not make it easy) and in between meds (that run 30 min each) his PICC line clotted. She did every trick possible to un clot it and then broke us the news that we needed to head to the E.R. We came totally unprepared b/c we naively thought we would be in and out. WHO GETS IN AND OUT OF ANY ER???? I don't know what we were thinking. Needless to say, this journey is a roller coaster! Here's to a better day tomorrow and a SHORT ER visit tonight! Ending on a high note- my little lovie at home had a GREAT day with his Mama Tolle and we are so grateful for the love and support that surrounds him while we can't be there ourselves! Thank you Cindy for the peace of mind you gave us today while life here is a 3 ring circus! 

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