Monday, July 22, 2013


The blog has been highjacked by Mr. Mom, me, Tim. Anyways, Lorna I am sure will be posting too for your reading enjoyment, so I am not offended if you skip my entries and just read hers. Here I am eating some Graeter's, left by Lorna for me :), after leaving P at the hospital. He is doing good but has a cold, which under normal circumstances would not land you in the hospital. Due to his stint, he cannot not seem to help but gag himself while trying to accommodate the extra secretions of a different texture. This resulted in a lot of lost feeds, so we admitted him. He gets the stint out tomorrow morning and then all should be normal. 

You may be reading this and thinking, where Lorna ran off to? She is somewhere on her way to Dallas for some much needed Mary Kay R&R. She is going to be showered with prizes for working. She has not mentioned the fact that she is the keynote speaker on her area awards night. She deserves every bit of ego stroking. She has worked her tail off to be here with us, guilt free. The boys and I are very proud. 

She also has not given herself enough credit for keeping up the blog or keeping everyone back in KC on schedule for the Reid-miester. She follows up her Dallas trip to go home to see Reid, they will be heaven. 

My parents just left today and given all that went on with P, their timing was perfect. Lots of laundry to do and my dad made me a strata for the week for breakfast. YUMMY!

I have to do a big thank you to all who have sent cards, packages, etc.; they have been a great boost to us here and for the BVN folks, GO STANGS! Seem great support!

Tough choice....
He likes to wear my hat, who wouldn't?

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