Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Latest adventures and mail deliveries :)

***More new pictures added below***

I have to start this post off with a THANK YOU! If i could share all the mail we have received, I would. The handmade cards from my cousins little girls, the pictures Reid has drawn that my mother in law sends us, cards from dear friends, gift cards from college friends, unit members, new friends and old friends, and old neighbors with notes that brought tears to my eyes (thank you Shirley), an amazing Edible Arrangement (thank you Becky!) and Preston's 1st Thomas t-shirt with matching socks!! My aunt sent an amazing care package. The list goes on and I don't want to forget everyone so I will stop there. I just have no words for any of this. The one thing we have to look forward to that is a bright spot in our day is the mail (so sad isn't it?). I am SO READY for it to be our turn to give back and package up goodie boxes and send cards to friends in need. Our night nurse, Amy, sent us here with a truck load of gift bags to open as days pass by. So fun!! And I want to do the same thing for someone else! Just know that Preston's collection box with cards and notes and a list of gifts is filling up and I can't wait to show him all the love and support he was shown during this time. And to us too of course! I would like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to some very special friends......Brian and Mary Roscoe. Not only did they contribute a generous donation to our Preston Walker Team donation site which we are BEYOND grateful for, they had 2 HUGE boxes sent to us all the way from my very favorite pizza place in Chicago, Lou Malnatis, with 4 pizzas, cheesecake, and a Portillos Italian Beef Kit on dry ice. I almost fell over tonight when I saw the boxes at the front desk for us. Being from Chicago, this was the ultimate treat. And just in time for dinner tonight!!!! Everyone at the front desk was blown away by this and said nobody had ever been sent pizza from Chicago on dry ice! Brian and Mary- you will never know know what your thoughtfulness means to us. THANK YOU so much!!! We had the veggie pizza tonight and it was DELISH! A wonderful break from hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken. We are saving the Italian Beef Kit for this weekend when my in-laws arrive. Tim and his dad are going to get their hands on it and cook it all up! So fun! My parents appreciate what you have done for us more than anything. You are a blessing to us and to my folks! :)

The last 2 days have been busy and filled with great things. We received a video today of Reid saying Squirrel and No. He looks like a giant :( I think about him 1,000x a day and can't wait to snuggle him and hear him talk! We found a great shopping center close by that reminds of us Town Center. We have walked the entire place twice now. Just feels good to get out even though we have nothing to shop for. Preston has been taking naps in his stroller which is totally not like us. Makes it easy to do a feed too while he sleeps! We just can't justify putting him down for a nap in our room when we are held captive there for an hour and 1/2 for picc meds every day and sometimes he is not asleep during it. We would be in our room all day. No fun! Today the hustle and bustle from the past 2 days caught up to all of us and we all took a 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up in time for dinner. It was much needed. We start our days off on a long walk or run depending on the weather. Tonight we ended it with an extra walk because we all slept so long today. We had a visit from the home health nurse today to draw blood to check his levels. Preston is too smart and realizes when anyone comes in to pay attention to him with a syringe, it for nothing fun. :( But he is patient and we distract him. Here are some pictures from our adventures lately. 
SUPER HAPPY to get out for the day! 

Sporting his new Thomas shirt while eating a piece to the train track.  Seems fitting!

I could write a whole post of this precious girl. She is forever engraved in my heart.  She is full of spunk and cracks me up and was great company while we waited for dinner the other night. We see her alot during meals and makes us appreciate Preston's minimal issues. 

Apparently standing on a sharps container is funny!
Having fun playing in a diff car than the one he has at home.

Mr. P at the front desk picking up his Lou's delivery! He thought he was pretty big stuff sitting on on the boxes and holding the pizza we ate for dinner. Thank you again Brian and Mary!

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