Monday, July 22, 2013

Update on Preston

Greetings from Louisville airport. A quick update on Preston for those of you asking and praying! We are so glad we took Preston to the E.R. yesterday. After talking to ENT on the phone, they said to bring him in. Not sure what is going on but he is doing MUCH better. He is NPO (no feeds) till surgery tomorrow to get his stint removed. We want to be save and keep him from possible aspiration since he was gagging (from not being able to handle his secretions) and then throwing up his ENTIRE feed. And I mean ENTIRE feed. :( My mother in law was our designated laundry lady (thanks Grandma!!). He is getting fluids with sugar so he won't be as fussy with an empty belly. His fever leads us to believe he has a virus of some kind. His coughing was out of control and no sleep was had by any of us. He was so wiped last night after battling his coughing fits. The RT gave him more breathing treatments and he is better. Its all a guessing game but Dr Rutter believes he is more than ready to get the stint removed. His body clearly wants it OUT! And his stoma site is all healed. The previous stoma has closed up and the new one is healed. Great news for sure!!! Preston is not in the Complex Airway Unit......PICU it is and I am so happy he is there instead. With me leaving today, I know Tim and I both feel much better having him monitored inpatient with these symptoms. I almost didn't leave and Tim basically said that if i didnt go, he would drag me to the airport himself. I am thinking he is ready for a break from each other too??? LOL He knows this trip will be a recharge for me on many levels. It is a wonderful feeling having 200% confidence in the father of your child and knowing your baby is in the BEST arms possible. Tim was already talking about snuggling in P's crib today.......a good day to be inside as its raining all day in Cincinnati! So I am boarding my plane in 1 hour and I already got an update saying Preston took a great nap this morning. I am feeling good about everything and I know tomorrow will be the day we have been waiting for! Tim is going to take video's on his ipad post stint removal so i can see what new noises Preston can hopefully make. Tim will work on feeds orally and I think Preston will be so happy to finally be able to eat. No more pediasure feeds! Hooray! More updates to come as I get news from Mr. Mom! PS- If i could explain my level of excitement about seeing my Reidy on Thursday and being the one he wakes up to after his nap, I would tell you but I just  don't have words. A weekend of snuggling my lovie is what this mama needs! God is GOOD! :)

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