Monday, July 15, 2013

3 weeks and counting

We have been here exactly 3 weeks now.  Where has the time gone yet time seems to stand still. Its so weird! I have become a pro at doing laundry using the same dinosaur washer and dryers my sorority house had 10 years ago. Costs 50 cents to do a load. Brings back many memories. Sharing one room with Preston has been an experience.....I am sure he misses his own room and the peace and quiet it brings to him at night. But I doubt it. He thinks this is pretty fun jumping on our bed and thumbing through my underware drawer. LOL I am totally over g-tube feeds with Pediasure.....nothing says FUN like the tubing getting disconnected 1/2 way thru the feed and the smell of vanilla pediasure permeating our whole room. Or the smell of liquid poop all over our sheets from a diaper leaking. We can't find P's hearing aid batteries to save our life so the poor kid is head bandless. He is loving it! :) Its just been one adventure after another and Tim and I have never laughed so hard in our lives. You should see what we look like doing his antibiotics at 5:30am with one eye open. We could have our own reality show I am sure! We just roll with each punch and we are making the best of it. Preston had his follow up appt at the hospital this morning with Infectious Disease. Tim took him while I stayed here and did laundry to remove pediasure out of his sheets. His dr's decided to extend his PICC meds 2 more days so he will have them up until stint removal rather than going on a new antibiotic 2 days prior to stint removal. So we are 8 days away from PICC line meds and PICC line being removed and stint removed. YAY! I leave for Dallas in 7 days so Tim will hold down the fort and stay the night at CCH with Mr. P. 10 days till I get to see my Reid. I can't wait to spend the weekend at my parents house with him and just relax. Nothing is more comforting than being HOME with my folks and to have one on one time with my little lovie. Can't wait to hear him say all of the new words he has picked up according to our family. And 14 days till Preston's bronch to find out how his airway and grafts look after all this time has passed. We are on the home stretch!!!! His stoma sight looks INCREDIBLE! My in-laws arrive in 4 days and they can't get here fast enough. We miss them so much and Preston will be so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma arrive. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

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