Monday, July 29, 2013

Dream Come True

I am happy to report Tim was able to experience Peanut Butter Brownie flavor of the month at Graeters tonight. They got it in early! Hooray! He has been dreaming of this day! Sadly, these are the highlights of our life here at the moment. And the best was compliments of the best Aunt and Uncle a girl could ask for! We received a Graeters gift card in the mail today just in time to go tonight! :) THANKS Aunt Katie and Uncle Paul! Preston loved it too! Next week's blog posts will be all about our weight loss plan! Lord knows we need it after all of this delicious ice cream! :)

The theme of today and tomorrow: PACKING! :) We got a TON done today and I can't believe his bronch is Wednesday and then we are heading home. We will also find out when we need to come back for another bronch and will book our next trip accordingly. I don't want to even think about coming back until we are home. We have a minor change in plans.....we will be hitting the road after his bronch and arrive late Wednesday night in KC. He will probably sleep most of the 2nd half of our drive as it will be dark and bedtime. I have tons of dvd's packed and he is an easy traveler thank goodness. As long as 'Linus' has his blankee, all is well in the car! LOL The boys will reunite on Thursday instead of Friday. Not sure when but it will be nice to have all of Thursday to unpack and have our family of four under ONE roof. Thank you God! :)

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