Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

First off, we are getting discharged tomorrow! WHOOO HOOO! The only reason we are here still is because P is getting 2 antibiotics. He has a PICC line so we are able to administer these on our own with the help of a home health nurse coming out to RMH for the first dose to make sure we do it correctly. Tomorrow is discharge so Tim and I took a 1 1/2 hour PICC line/meds/sterile/ information course. That was FUN! :) Good thing I have a neck so my head didn't spin and pop off. LOL His meds will be given at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm in addition to his pediasure g-tube feeds and a probiotic. We plan to go on LOTS of walks in between needing to be in our room to  give him his antibiotics. Good thing Tim and I have each other for all of this. I am SO grateful to not be alone like I see MANY mom's I see at RMH. Thank you God for a teacher's schedule! 

I might as well make the announcement sooner rather than later........Tim has a girlfriend! Her name is Keira and she is an adorable blonde who is 3 years old and she currently resides at RMH with her mom Shannon. LMAO Tim ate dinner the other night with her and her mom since all of the tables were full at the dining room at RMH. Ever since that dinner, she is constantly trying to find him and asks me when she see's me "Where is your boy?" LOL So apparently is now 'my boy' and not my husband! :) She is in a wheel chair and has spina bifida and the most precocious 3 year old I have ever met. She does popping wheelies with her wheelchair. Pretty funny! She loves looking at pictures of Preston on my cell phone and saw his 'stash' pic and asked for one so we shared the wealth of stickers with her. She now has her own stash! LOL We are really enjoying being at RMH. I truly feel God has led us here for MANY life lessons that we needed to learn. I have to believe this or I will go crazy wondering WHY we were the ones dealt these cards. It gives me peace! Some of these kids are VERY VERY ill and makes us grateful for Preston's minimal issues (even though it feels like alot to us at times).

We are very anxious for my in-laws to come visit for several days next week! It will be great to have family here again and more help with Preston. I see more Graeter's ice cream stops in our future. :) Last night Tim and I were tempted to go for an ice cream stop after Preston fell asleep but instead we went back to RMH together and put on running clothes and went for a long walk. The food at RMH can cause a 10lb weight gain just looking at it. LOL So we are trying to walk and eat healthy and it just so happens that it was the best evening we have had together all summer. It felt like a typical summer night  we used to have before kids were in our life. We would walk around 8pm when the sun was down but it was still hot enough to get a good sweat going. A great chance to catch up and talk about all sorts of things. Except this time we were in a different city with twins and one baby boy at home and one in the hospital fast asleep. Crazy! Tim and I realize we have a different situation than most couples who have a child inpatient. Our son actually likes his nurses and feels VERY at home in his hospital crib. Maybe this is because it has been apart of his life since birth with multiple surgeries under his belt. None the less, it gives us a bit more freedom to get out of the hospital to get a breath of fresh air TOGETHER. So much so that Tim and I slept at RMH together last night and got an awesome night sleep. Preston did awesome and was still asleep when we got here at 8am this morning. What a GIFT!!!!!!! Seriously! 
It is going to be hectic tomorrow getting him out of here and arranging his meds/feeds/home health so we are grateful for the wonderful night we had together. 

This is what we found on our way back from PICC line training today. I think it's safe to say P is one spoiled and loved little guy on the Airway floor.  He loves his nurses and the LOVE him! We feel blessed to be in such a loving and special place!

I am leaving in 12 days for Dallas for my annual work seminar and it is going to feel more like a mini vacation than 'work'. I am counting down the days to see some of my closest girlfriends and celebrate the phenominal year my MK Unit had! I am one proud leader of my AMAZING consultants!!!! Its been a year of excitement and blessings! I am looking forward to lots of prizes, recognition, fun, and the chance to share Preston's story! I can't wait! I was scheduled to fly back from Dallas to Cincinnati (where Tim and P would pick me up) but after skyping with Reid and the heartache that caused, Tim said I need to fly to KC instead and be with him for a long weekend. Thanks to some VERY VERY special friends for helping arrange this change in schedule and book an extra one way ticket from KC to Cincinnati, I will get to be with my other lovie for 3 whole days after my trip to Dallas. Then I will go back to Cincinnati to be with Tim and P right before Preston has his bronch in the O.R. I am OVER THE MOON and have a new sense of energy now that my flights are changed and new one is booked.  I might just sleep in Reid's crib like I have done with Preston!! LOL LOL Just kidding!!! 

Tim and I want to give a HUGE shout out to many friends who have sent packages and cards. They keep coming and we are speechless. I have a collectors box for Preston with all the cards, notes, and gifts. He is one LOVED little boy! And we are so loved by YOU! The donation website has left us in tears (literally). THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We don't feel deserving of this generosity and kindness and support. We are still getting mail and pkg's at the Hampton Inn and many of you have asked for the address to RMH so here it is: 350 Erkenbrecher Ave Room50 P.Walker Cincinnati OH 45229 

Preston has a new favorite puppy in his life.......Mr Puppy Pillow Pet thanks to the Hisles who are our dear friends! What a bright spot in our overwhelming day! The package of goodies were perfect!!! 
Lastly, after much thought and discussion, Tim is officially registered to go back to school in the Fall to receive his Education Specialist Degree to become a Principal. He will graduate from MU with this degree and here is an appropriate pic with this news. Preston thinks he is pretty cool with Tim's hat! It excites me knowing we will celebrate this future accomplishment of Tim's with Preston being trach free! Something to look forward to! :)

Love these 2 boys more than anything (and my other little MU fan back home of course too!)

Wish us luck as we discharge tomorrow with a GREAT rest of the week ahead of us! Hope you all do the same!!! 

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