Sunday, July 28, 2013

Refresher Course in Parenting

The classy welcome sign that greeted me as I went to baggage claim today in Indianapolis! LOL I needed the laugh after being down from already missing Reid and my folks. 
I am wondering how many of you are wishing Tim was updating the blog tonight. He is way more entertaining than me! I had no idea he would keep it going while I was gone. I bet Tim will jump on every now and then to say hello. Or maybe I should turn it over to him! :) Here is what I know after being gone a full week in Dallas and visiting my other lovie in KC. I need a refresher course in parenting for both my boys. Nothing is more strange that going back home to my house and getting my little man up from his nap and then turning around and asking about his routine. I totally forgot. In the course of a month, I have forgotten the routine. So I spent much time asking my parents about my own child and what he needed etc. Weird and lost feeling but it came back sooo fast and I forgot how in love I am with my Reid. He is such a BIG BOY these days! He repeats everything we say and his pronunciation of words is crystal clear. I can't believe it and he is on the verge of putting 2 words together. I have a feeling sentences will be here before I blink. I thought saying good-bye today (I left to go back to Cinci) would be hard but seeing him sitting in his crib on Thursday as I opened the door to his nursery, waking from his nap, was gut wrenching. At first he was confused and then when he realized it really WAS me, he wanted picked up and would not let go of me. A death grip is a good description. I realized in an instant all that I missed out on these past 31 days. I just cried. It felt so wonderful to hold him and know its only a matter of days before we pack up at RMH and head home for good. At least until we head back here again and that will be for a short visit each time we return. I enjoyed every second being home. It is so cliche but there truly is no place like home. My mom cooked and baked for me, my folks went on long walks to the pond each night after dinner with Reid and me, and my dad and I got up early and took Reid on tricycle rides thru the park just the 3 of us. I love time with just my dad and then time with just my mom. I cherish it after recently losing my Grandma. I realize time is precious. My mom spoiled me with Starbucks runs and she did all of my laundry.  My dad fixed the boys book shelf and Reid of course had to help him with his drill. My sister and I arranged a cousins play date and it was a blast. LOVED seeing her after a month apart and catching up was wonderful. Plus I got to try her new Dunkin Donuts coconut coffee! Its the little things, right? She had a little goodie bag for me to enjoy on my flight home to ease the pain. It was perfect....she knows me the best! :) Just a wonderful time filling up my cup with NORMAL day to day activities. 

I got back to Cinci tonight......well I actually flew into Indianapolis where Tim and P picked me up. We  grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to RMH. Its about a 100 mile drive. Sure wish Southwest flew directly to Cinci. I feel like fish out of water with Preston and his new sounds and routine. I actually hear him breathing through his mouth.....taking big breaths in through his mouth. Its remarkable! He rarely needs suctioned.....he coughs everything up on his own just great. He is like a different person. And after being with Reid all weekend, I was reminded how different they are from each other. I forget b/c they have been apart for so long and they are twins so I just assume things are more similar than they really are. So, the refresher course in parenting started all over again. :/ I am so impressed with Mr. Mom and all that he juggled while I was gone. P's meds are lengthy and breathing treatments are a little long but nothing Tim can't handle. His feeding his the most tricky part of all. I have some learning to do! :-) And the gorgeous dozen red roses that were delivered to me on my awards night in Dallas was just a 'little' something Tim thought to do in the midst of discharging our son from the hospital and settling back in to RMH. I have been blessed with an incredible husband and father and I KNOW THIS! I think God for him! 

The thought of putting the boys back under one roof and intertwining their schedules seems daunting but it will be fine. Thank goodness we have some time before Tim goes back to work to get settled in to our routine at home. I plan to do lots of cleaning tomorrow and lots of packing. We want to enjoy our last full day on Tuesday with Preston doing something fun before he heads back to the O.R. on Wednesday. Then we hit the road to come H.O.M.E. We are undecided when we plan to hit the road but we will return by Thursday no matter what. My parents will have Reid Thursday night so we can get a good night sleep and unpack a little and get Preston settled. The boys will reunite Friday. I will have my video camera rolling! :)  

Someone was happy to have me back. Felt great! :)

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