Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today has been a blah day if i am being honest. :/ We all woke up in a funk. Tim and I are homesick and a bit on the bored side. I went for a run with P today and it felt great but there is only so much walking/running you can do. We have exhausted the shopping centers and window shopping gets old. Tim and I miss the normal day to day activities. I just realized I haven't grocery shopped or cooked a meal in a month. I actually miss it....maybe not the grocery shopping part! :) We also realize we have spent A LOT of time together these past 6 weeks since school got out for summer. I think next week will be a nice change of pace for all of us. We need a break from the normal routine we have created here and from each other. Grandma and Grandpa Walker arrive tomorrow night which will be wonderful. We plan to go to the zoo and take them to Fenway Market. Preston has another nurse coming for a home visit Friday to check his levels again. They want to make sure the heavy antibiotics are not damaging his kidneys. He will also get his last PICC line dressing changed before it is pulled on Tuesday. His bottom is taking the brunt end of these antibiotics. I dont think teething at the same time is helping any. We go thru a new diaper every hour :( I even had him naked to air out his poor red tushie tonight in hopes to give it some air time to heal. We have a fantastic barrier cream and desitin and if it weren't for this duo, we would have a real mess on our hands. Poor thing! With all that he has gone through, he has become a HUGE snuggler. He was never my snuggler with me the way Reid was (for many reasons) so I am LOVING this. This precious time with him is making up for so much lost time in the early months of his life. We all took another nap today which was needed. I found myself up at 4am last night with a pounding headache and so much on my mind. Hoping for a good night sleep for all of us tonight and a speedy day tomorrow so we can see Grandma and Grandpa asap!

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